Shipbuilding Tech 4.0

Day 1 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) - Friday 28th January 2022

Day 2 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) - Friday 11th February 2022

Conference Day 1 - Intelligent Design, Concept Design, AR & VR, Basic Design, Data, Detailed Design, Digitised Operational & Through Life Support 

Conference Day 2 - Ensuring The Digital Life Cycle Management Of A Vessel, Propulsion, Production Planning & Engineering, Automation, The Digital Shipyard, Repair & Retrofit, Achieving The Digital Twin, Shipyard Robotics

Shipbuilding Tech  4.0 focuses on the key aspects of increasing the efficiency of the data-driven ship design, engineering, production, information management methods, through life support, maintenance, and refit processes across the entire maritime shipyard chain.  3D-based design, engineering, information management software, maritime software, services, and data analysis all have an important role within intelligent ship design and enhance the design and build processes for the industry.

Optimising ship design, engineering and production processes while leveraging the abilities of digital transformation to streamline the design process is a core and ideal requirement of the industry, with the aim of being able to effectively consolidate data and create a better process of collaboration to enable the use of digital twins from the beginning of a project. How can we continue to utilise digital technology to provide comprehensive solutions to cover the entire ship lifecycle from newbuilding projects right through to retrofits and conversions?

Current Attendance Tickets Range From £9.99 - £14.99



Shipbuilding Tech 4.0 is focused on increasing collaboration, productivity, efficiency, & innovation to support the development of capabilities, best practise, & technology across the design, planning, manufacturing and the modernisation processes of a vessel, combining the entire maritime shipyard chain.

Shipbuilding Tech 4.0 is for international marine professionals to network, share their ideas, products, services and research, as well as learning about current and future marketplace requirements.