Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) 4.0

Day 1 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) - Friday 14th May 2021
Day 2 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) - Friday 4th June 2021

Conference Day 1 - Developing Our Approach, Planning & Design - Creating The Ideal Environment, Vertical Farming, CAPEX - Capital Expenditure, Hydroponics, Standardisation & Interoperability, Greenhouses

Conference Day 2 - International Building Projects & Programmes, OPEX – Operating Expenses, Feeding The Energy Needs, Innovation in Technologies & Research, Education, Increasing Yields & Optimal Production

525+ Industry Attendees From 250+ International Companies From 40+ Nations Attended CEA 4.0 2021

This edition looked at the strategic context of ongoing, future programmes and developments within CEA, while also delving deep into the core topics of the various methods of growing associated with CEA, capital expenditure (Capex), operational expenditure (Opex), standardisation & interoperability, sustainability, education, policy, biological processes, energy requirements, digital technology used, and research & innovation in the sector.

CEA 4.0 is focused on increasing collaboration, productivity, efficiency, research, and innovation to support the development of capabilities, best practise, and technology within the indoor farming sector. 


CEA 4.0 is an international event for the whole marketplace from farms, farmers, supermarkets, restaurants, technologists, students, researchers, consultants, system providers , investors, policy makers and more.

CEA 4.0 is an event for indoor farming professionals to network, share their products, services & research and learn about marketplace requirements.